Chat with a friend a few days ago, saying that we are another friend. University class like our class study committee. In fact, I do not believe, or even imagine not, a day to play the game to see the United States play the appetite of the lazy lively, how would like a girl! Or how would it like a girl?


Friends said that this is not simple, you see a boy likes and dislikes a girl, the most simple and effective way is to see the boys in front of girls what is the difference. So I suddenly understood. Yeah, it's enough to see the difference. So I understood that the boy in the classroom was always quietly sitting in the distance, not far from her near the distance; computer problems, and always coincidentally he was at her side; The occasional encounter, or the library behind the fifth floor of the bookshelf has not left the eyes have not disappeared ... ... no matter you did not find that he was there, he should belong to that age, that deep in our memory In the secret. Will not be found, do not want to be found, my time, my love.


Later, with that friend became a good friend, do not know is not a good friend. But he will introduce his favorite American drama to me. There are times when we ride together to travel far away, and sometimes go to another city to participate in the marathon. His mantra is: in order to ride the dream, die without regret. He also said that most of his activities to participate in running because of running sister's sexy, or the champion like the digital camera. Then we went to work on the same company, because the day was very good. He sat next to me to work half of the time whispering to me, "go, do not play." So we are so chic from a state-owned enterprises out, never go back.


Is such a boy without any rules, but why in front of his favorite girls, rules and regulations.


He rarely talk to us about the girls, we rarely ask, then we learned that he was white, but the other did not agree. After graduation, the girl went to Guangzhou, heard of a good job, resigned with his boyfriend to run their own business, Zhang was ready to get married. And his collection of souvenirs to participate in a variety of activities left a bunch, no champion, no digital camera, did not put a sexy sister to the body.


Just as he said, loved enough, this world where so much love.


Yeah, where is that so much love? Some time ago on the Internet fire a big talented woman speech, speech title is: Please do not love for the purpose of marriage it The content of the speech is generally said, please with the original most instinctive love to like a person. Regardless of the outcome, regardless of both parents do not agree with, whether the other is rent or villa regardless of whether he has Mercedes-Benz BMW, and regardless of those gossip. Only you like, that is the most full reason for love.


Because it is your youth, it is your love, others do not feel, and why to what?


Someone says that someone who loves someone will glow. If you that he, you can not see, others think that light, then what is the use of it. And if you have not met that person, it means that this person deserves you to wait. Happiness it will not disappear, only late, you need to do is to live your life well, when it comes to the beautiful dress to meet him at the junction. Smiled and said to him, "Hey, finally met."